Donald G Eagling   Artist

Inven​​tory  Sale:       1/3rd  off  gallary prices shown in white text just below all paintings ,  frames Included.  Sale prices are shown in ​yellow below gallery prices.

White Roses   12 x 9   Acrylic    Sold​​​​​​

March Seas Pacific Grove   16 x 20   Acrylic   $750

 Bear Creek Spring   11 x 14 Acrylic     Sold​​​​​​​​​

Sale Price:   $500

See Bear Creek Rapids 20 x 24 Below

My work is representational with an impressionist touch.  I paint landscapes of the Sierra Nevada,  the Lake Tahoe area & it's mountains & streams,  seascapes of the Pacific Coast,  the Monterey-Carmel area,  and  the San Francisco Bay area.  I enjoy painting France,  Switzerland, and Italy, particularly the Alps.  I  paint in Acrylic and oil.

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D.G Eagling                           925.837.2228            dgeagling@goairtight.com        dgeagling.com   
636 Brookside Drive                                                  eagling@goairtight.com          dgeaglingart.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Danville CA  94526                                                                                                        Published  2018

 About The Artist​​​​

Growing up during the  Great Depression  ​I wanted
to be an artist,  but my Dad said I'd better take
drafting or something to make a living.  I joined the
Navy in 1943.

Serving 2-1/2 years during WWII & 2 years during 
the Korean Conflict brought me 2 GI Bills and a
career in Civil-Structural Engineering,  the last
30 years as Director of Facilities &  Senior Staff
Scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National

My professional interest in earthquake engineering  
led to strengthening the Laboratory infrastructure 
and authoring "The Seismic Safety Manual"  for the
US Department of Energy,  published in 1996.

Upon retirement I fulfilled my life-long desire to
become an artist. Years of study with Pam Glover &
Van Waldron were augmented by workshops with
 Ted  Goerschner,  T.M. Nicolas,  Charles Waldman,  
Randall Stauss,  Tom Hughes, & Alexander Zimin.

During my 18 years as an Artist I've  painted 823 
pictures, sold 678 of them in art shows & 16
galleries,  and received over 20 juried awards.

Mount Hood   30 x 40   Acrylic​     $24​00​​​​

Sale Price: $1600​​​

Lauterbrunnen Valley    24 x 30    Acrylic     Sold​​​​​​​​

Inventory Sale

I show about 85 original paintings in the following sections,  about half of them sold.  At my age I have decided to leave the show & gallery trail to sell my work through the less physical web market giving buyers a cost benefit by deducting most of the fees galleries charge artists for sales.

The prices shown for the paintings below are my standard gallery prices for framed paintings.  Available  paintings will be sold at 1/3rd  less than the  prices shown,  frames included, plus sales tax.   Buyers will pay the cost of shipping except when I can make delivery or pickup can be arranged.

A  further  reduction of 50 to $80  (depending on size) will be given to buyers who prefer to buy unframed paintings.  Interested buyers can view actual paintings by appointment or be supplied with larger photos of  framed paintings for consideration.  I  have a limited choice of  frames to consider.

Summer on the Truckee  12 x 16   Acrylic   Sold​

Mountain Spring  20 x 24   Acrylic   $1200

Sale Price:  $800

Morning  Light  11 x 14  Acrylic   $540​​

Spring on the Truckee   18 x 24    Acrylic   $1200

Sale Price:  $800

Sale Price:  $360​

Alpine Meadows  12 x 16    Acrylic  Sold

Elk Slough  16 x 20  Acrylic    Sold​​​​​​​​​

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Peonies  11 x 14   Acrylic   Sold​

The Teapot  14 x 18  Acrylic   Sold​​​​

High Desert  11 x ​​​​​14  Acrylic    Sold    

Mt Hoffmann   11 x 14   Acrylic   $540​​​​​

Sale Price:  $360

The Matterhorn  16​​​ x 20  Acrylic  $750

The Eiger  11 x 14  Acrylic    Sold​​​

Sale Price:  $500

The Matterhorn 16 x 20  Acrylic   $750​​​

Hidden Beach Pt Lobos  11 x 14  Acrylic  $540​​​​

Tiburon Vista  11 x 14   Acrylic   Sold

Sale Price:  $360

The Gaslight  12 x 16  Acrylic  Sold   ​​​​​​​​

Party Boat  12 x 16  Acrylic    Sold​​

French B​​​​​​ & B   9 x 12  Acrylic   Sold

Rockport  12 x 16  Oil    Sold​​​​​

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Sam's Tiburon   11 x 14  Acrylic   Sold​​​​​​​​​

Golden Gate Bridge 16 x 20  Acrylic   $750​​​​​​​

Sale Price;  $500

Open Range   12​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​ x  16   ​Acrylic     $450

V​​​alle Vista Staging Area    11 x 14    ​​​​​Acrylic     $450

Sale Price:   $300

Sale Price:  $300

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